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Taylor Swift Canvas Tote Bags - $17.67

Taylor Swift Sweat Shirts - $26.18

Taylor Swift Nail Sticker Art - $6.61 (5 Sheets)

Taylor Swift Bookmarks -  $13.25 (5 Bookmarks)

Taylor Swift Heart Sunglasses - $13.25 (10 pair)



Glam Bag

$15 per bag

Glam makeup bag with name personalization, scrunchie or headband, kid-friendly spa face mask, nail stickers, nail file, and lip gloss. 


Luxurious Spa Kit

$20 per teepee

Includes bowls for washing and rinsing, spa headbands, make-up pouch,

mirrors, lip gloss and individual kid-friendly masks, bath bomb,

nail kit with file and clippers, nail stickers,

and face cleansing wipe on each lap tray.

**All Bowls and mirrors will be picked up with your sleepover. 


The Ultimate Fanciful Spa Party

Starting at $175 for up to 6 Guests

$30 for each additional guest. 


Our Ultimate Spa Party can be added to any of our Kids Luxury Picnics or sleepovers! It is sure to pamper each guest. Our team will set up the luxurious spa that includes bowls for washing and rinsing, spa headbands, mirrors, lip gloss and individual kid-friendly masks, bath bomb, nail file and mini comb, plus plastic champagne flutes & a bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice & freshly laundered linens/washcloths. Each guest will get a rental satin robe to enjoy for the evening as well. The guests will get to keep any leftover Spa products. 


**All Robes, bowls, mirrors, champagne flutes and any decor will be picked up with your sleepover.


What's Included: 

Set up/Style & Take down 

Low Picnic Table 

Decorative Styling 

Plush Cushions 

Rental Items: Mirrors, Satin Robes, Glass/Plastic Bowls & Champagne Flutes.
Items Guests Keep: Headbands, face mask and lip gloss, nail file.

Personalized Breakfast Bowls


A personalized cereal bowl with an individual box of cereal & a spoon! Includes a party tag "Thank you for coming to my Sleepover" to match the party theme! Let us take care of breakfast too! 


Teepee Sleepover Slumber Party Add-Ons

Sleepover Survival Kit


Themed loot bag items, card games, small nerf gun & more depending on product availability. 

Teepee Sleepover Slumber Party Add-Ons
~Cake Table~
6ft Foldable table (or a dinning table, counter, or Bar) dressed with table cloth and table skirt in theme of choice, 12 inch cake stand, 2 6inch cake stands, three tired dessert tray, or 2 cupcake ferriss wheels (for 12 cupcakes), back drop with balloon garlands, and more.

Price ~$125

Teepee Sleepover Slumber Party Add-Ons
~Picnic Set-Up~
Teepee Tablescape Enhancement

Luxury Picnic setting for 6 guests includes fanciful tablescape dressed in the preferred theme with decorations such as boho blooms, candle votives, lanterns, plate chargers, fanciful custom themed dinner plates, cake plates, cups, plastic utensils, napkins, low to the ground table and cushion seating is optionable.  

Price:  $125

Each additional setting is $5

​Snack Cart~

Includes a 3 tiered cart filled with microwaveable buttered and cheese popcorn, popcorn buckets, candy jar with individually wrapped candy, Movie Theater candy boxes, waters & Capri Sun juices or Honest Co. Apple Juice boxes, plates, napkins.

Price ~varies

Teepee Sleepover Slumber Party Add-Ons
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