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Kids Luxury  Picnics & more

Picnic Price:  $300.00

  • 2 Hour Luxury Picnic For 8 

  • $12.50 for Additional child over 8 guest up to 35​​

  • Bubble Tent W/360-Degree Views  (included for free on rainy days)

  • Low To Ground Table

  • The Table Is Dressed in Preferred Theme such as: Boho Pink, Pretty in Pastels, Space Blue, Unicorn, Disney Princess, Encanto, Frozen, Snow White, Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie, Beauty and the Beast, Pokémon, Tiktok, Harry Potter, Safari, Jurassic Park/Dinosaur, Mermaid, Paw Patrol, Sonic, Star Wars, Toy Story /Buzz Lightyear, Super Hero / Marvel/Batman, and Baby Shark.  

  •  Fully Decorated Gift Teepee decorated in Balloon of chosen theme

  • Drink Dispenser with Juices; Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, or Lemonade,

  • Cushion Seating And Floor Pillows

  • Rugs And Blankets

  • Chalkboard Sign With Custom Message

  • Card and Yard Games

  • Basket Filled With Anti-Bacterial Wipes And Hand Sanitizer

  • Set-Up And Tear-Down Services

Additional Enhancements!

The Ultimate Fanciful Spa Party

Starting at $175 for up to 6 Guests
for each additional guest. 


Our Ultimate Spa Party can be added to any of our Kids Luxury Picnics or sleepovers or booked on it's own! It is sure to pamper each guest. Our team will set up the luxurious spa that includes bowls for washing and rinsing, spa headbands, mirrors, lip gloss and individual kid-friendly masks, bath bomb, nail file and mini comb, plus plastic champagne flutes & a bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice & freshly laundered linens/washcloths. Each guest will get a rental satin robe to enjoy for the duration of the party as well. The guests will get to keep any leftover Spa products. 


**All Robes, bowls, mirrors, champagne flutes and any décor will be picked up with your sleepover.


What's Included: 

Set up/Style & Take down 

Low Picnic Table 

Decorative Styling 

Plush Cushions 

Rental Items: Mirrors, Satin Robes, Glass/Plastic Bowls & Champagne Flutes.
Items Guests Keep: Headbands, face mask and lip gloss, nail file.

Poolside Cabanas

$90 per guest


What's Included: 

Set up/Style & Take down

Decorative Styling 

Fully decorated teepee

Pool float


Lap tray

Spill proof cup


Beach Ball

Rental Items: Fully decorated teepee, lap tray, spill proof cup

Items guests keep: pool float, towel, bubbles, and beach ball.

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