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Simply Fanciful Boho Picnic

First Luxury Picnic of The New Year!


Happy New Year! I wanted to share our first Luxury Picnic of the year. This lovely romantic Simply Fanciful Boho Picnic set up was a planned as a SURPRISE party for our client’s special guy. Our client is so very thoughtful and was so gracious in the planning process. We worked together and with his flexibility we created their perfect Surprise Celebration.

He requested either Volunteer or Discovery Park as the preferred locations. As we got to talking, he explained what he was envisioning for his picturesque celebration. I informed him that these parks are sometimes hard to reserve and I suggested another park, Picnic Point County Park, in Edmonds. 180° view of the sound in a more secluded park within about 25 minutes from his home, he was sold.

He chose our Simply Fanciful Boho Lux Picnic with Teal, Cream, and natural colors. The weather in Seattle around the end of the year is always wet and cold, however this year the temperatures were icy cold with snow showers off and on. He had given us a call about 2 ½ weeks prior to the date. At that time the weather was cool and frosty but no snow or ice. As the weather changed, we kept in touch, and I offered a few other locations with covered areas. He chose to stick with our original plan and to our surprise the day of the party we had warmer weather and melting snow.

The bubble tent offered a dry warm and cozy feel. My husband shoved and cleared the iciest areas of the pedestrian bridge as well as our picnic area. All our picnics offer pretty rugs, and they did a great job of offering extra warmth on the cold ground. Toms’ handmade round tables were the perfect size for the couple to be able to spread out and lounge on the ground with the pillows and blankets. I created a custom sign including their endearing nickname for the Birthday guy.

As a part of our holiday special, we offered the clients complementary hot coco, coffee, creamers, sparkling apple cyder, sparkling water, and the hot water with a large dispenser. For their food options our client called at the perfect time because we were running a complementary charcuterie board to all our clients for the Holiday Season. We provided a beautiful large board from one of the best charcuterie companies in the area. They always go the extra mile in creating a gourmet meal. He also chose apple and pear tarts from our partnered French Bakery. We ensure that the food and beverages are made with the highest quality ingredients as well as sanitary expertise. We leave the food wrapped on the boards and cake plates for the clients to serve themselves.

When the couple came down the bridge and saw the setup they were delighted. I took some photos of them and let them know I was a phone call away if they needed anything. After the they were ready to leave, they gave me a ring and we completed the clean up making sure to leave the park as we found it plus a little safer for other visitors.

This was a really fantastic start to our New Year, and I believe the clients ended their New Year’s weekend with a warm and comforted feeling. We hope you and yours have a wonderful and Healthy New Year!

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Aurnob Rayhan
Aurnob Rayhan
07 août 2023

The concept of a "Simply Fanciful Boho Picnic" embodies a delightful blend of simplicity and whimsy. Embracing the bohemian spirit, this picnic idea combines natural elements, vibrant colors, and carefree vibes, creating an atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of imperfections. It's a charming way to escape the ordinary and indulge in a dreamy, relaxed outdoor experience. Also visit our website Pink Birds.

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