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About Us

Our Story

    My name is Stacey and I am the Event Manager of Fanciful Celebrations. Throughout my life friends and family members have told me how artistic and talented I am. My best friend has always said I should be in the hospitality business. For over 20 years my passion has been about celebrations and get-togethers creating special family moments. I love dreaming up new party themes, putting up decorations and coming up with excuses to host friends and family. 

    From a small child I have loved The Walt Disney Company. It is a big part of who I am. Growing up I would spend hours painting murals and store front windows of disney animations. South Center mall paid me to paint their storefront windows during the holidays. I started incorporating my mural paintings in our extended families celebrations and birthday parties would have. 

    In 2020 when Covid-19 happened and we could no longer have our large celebrations, it was sad because parties and social get togethers are a big part of  my family roots. As our communities started opening back up and we were able to get back together as a society Luxury Picnic Companies started popping up all over Social Media. This was very exciting to me and how our business was created. Because of my love of celebrations and Disney I saw a way I could combine and share my 2 passions with others. In my home and through my everyday life I incorporate Disney. Disney makes people happy. When most people think about Mickey Mouse, Princesses, or Pixar they have joyful feelings. This is what we want to bring to our parties,  Joyful and Beautiful Celebrations that are memorable for all of our guests.  


All in the Family

    FC is a family owned company. Our team consists of my Husband Tom, Daughter Bryanna, and Son Jakob, and Myself. Thomas and I each had children's when we got together. Our kids are now young adults. Our family loves to host parties and game nights with friends and family.

    Each of us brings a talent to the table; Tom has built all of our tables and wood work, Jake helps load and unload our picnics, and Bryanna helps me decorate and is often our goffer girl. I am the creative talent for the company. The themes that we offer will blend seamlessly with most events our guest would like to experience. Transforming your idea's in to a Beautiful party is what I do best.

"Togetherness, for me, means teamwork"
~ Walt Disney

Our team is one of love. My husband is the backbone of our team here at FC. He does the hauling, woodworking, and whatever comes up! We work great as a team and each of us love to share our talents with others. 

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